Elder Law & Estate Resolution




What Do We Do

Elder Law & Estate Resolution covers the following range of circumstances:

Wills and Estate Planning
Testamentary Trusts
Structuring and Asset Protection
Wills, Codicils,Testamentary Intention
Superannuation and Binding Nominations
Personal Insurances
Powers of Attorney
Appointing a Power of Attorney
Appointing an Enduring Guardian
Guardianship Tribunal Applications
Financial Management Orders
Guardianship Orders
Probate and Letters of Administration
Administration of a Deceased Estate
Application for a Grant of Probate
Where there is no will
Challenging and Defending a Will
Funeral Expenses
Distribution of a Deceased Estate
Transmission Applications
Duties of an Executor
Beneficiary Rights
Assets Where Probate is Not Needed
Notices of Death and jointly held assets
Family Provision Claims
Estate Litigation
Defending Claims against Deceased Estates
Eligibility to Make a Claim